Commonwealth Life Insurance Company Best Life Indonesia

Life is full of unexpected risks or unexpected, that's why we need to understand about insurance. Some natural events that occurred in recent years, and take a lot of casualties, both fatalities and property, such as reminding us of the need for insurance. For each member of the society including the business community, the risk for experiencing misfortune like this always. In order to overcome the losses, people develop a mechanism which we now know as insurance.

The primary function of insurance is a mechanism to transfer risk (risk transfer mechanism), which transfer risk from one party (the insured) to another party (the insurer). The transfer of risk is by no means eliminates the possibility of misfortune, but the insurer to provide financial security (financial security) and tranquility (peace of mind) to the insured. In return, the insured pays the premium in a very small number when compared to the potential losses that may be suffered.

Life insurance is a very precise answers to support unanticipated needs us later. Then where can we get the Best Life Insurance ? One of the companies engaged in the life insurance is a Commonwealth Life, Commonwealth Life is a Life Insurance Indonesia whose vision is good enough to become Companies Best Life Insurance Service Providers in Indonesia, the Best in CS thing.

Commonwealth Life Company Insurance Best Indonesia has many advantages and convenience for policyholders (customers), has pretty good performance and Commonwealth Life Insurance is very healthy and able to survive to the present competition amid other insurance. Commonwealth Life began serving customers since 1992 with the name Astra Jardine which later changed its name to Astra CMG Life to 2007. Name PT Commonwealth Life was introduced for the first time in July 2007, by the Decree of the Minister of Justice and Human Rights HT.01.04 number W7-07 188-TH 2007 on Approval of Amendment of Articles of Association of the Company Limited.

Currently, the largest Commonwealth Life shares owned by Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) Group by 80% (CMG Asia Life Holdings Limited 50% stake and Commwealth Life International Holdings PTY LTD 30% of shares) and 20% by PT Gala Arta Jaya. CBA is one of the leading financial services companies, which dominate the banking and insurance industry in Australia. Two life insurance companies CBA earlier stand is' CommInsure 'in Australia' and 'Sovereign' in New Zealand which are both the best life insurance companies in each country.

Along with the vision and mission of the company to always be the best, Commonwealth Life continues to develop products and services which are spread across 19 major cities and is supported by over 7,500 Sales Force across Indonesia that serve individual customers and collection.
Commonwealth Life Network Map which almost spread throughout Indonesia
Then what kind of insurance program offered by the Commonwealth Life? Commonwealth Life offers insurance products such as: protection, savings and investment in the program unit link (Investra Link), traditional life insurance (Danatra Scholar, Danatra Welfare), the protection of savings and credit (COMM Protection), as well as supplemental insurance program (accident insurance, hospitalization insurance, critical illness).

Commonwealth Financial Performance Life itself has managed to have improved much in the Financial Statements 2011. Post earnings increase with the amount of Rp 181 billion higher than last year, amounting to Rp 148 billion. This increase took effect on other reports such as the postal hike hike capital adequacy ratio (Risk Based Capital - RBC) that is 676% about five times higher than the provision by the government. Total assets in 2010 amounted to Rp 4 trillion and increased to Rp 3.9 trillion in 2011. This achievement will provide motivation to Commonwealth Life to be at a higher level in the company's Life Insurance Indonesia .

For group insurance program (group) and credit protection (credit life), Commonwealth Life also partnered with several other large companies such as PermataBank, Commonwealth Bank, Bank BTPN, BCA Finance, BII Maybank, Bank BNP, Bank OCBC NISP, Bank Index, Bank Mayora, Adira Insurance, Olympindo Multifinance. In addition, the Commonwealth Life also distributes its products to the Partner Bank and Non-Bank through bancassurance, business partners meraka include Citibank, BCA Card, AstraWorld, Telkomsel, the Bank, Commonwealth Bank, Astra Credit Companies.

To ensure the safety and comfort of customers insured, Commonwealth Life reinsurance companies choose partners who have an international reputation. Credibility is indicated by ratings issued by reputable rating agencies namely:
  • Cologne Re (AA + by Standard Credit Rating)
  • Gen Re (AA + by Standard & Poor's)
  • Marein (rated A by Pefindo)
  • MetLife (rating of A + by Standard & Poor's)
  • Munich (rating of AA-by Standard & Poor's)
  • ReIndo - Reinsurance Indonesia (rated A + by Pefindo)

No one if you dropped the option to make insurance coverage for themselves and families with Commonwealth Life Insurance, I myself was in the city of Pekanbaru and coincidentally Commonwealth Life Insurance has a network in the city of Pekanbaru in the near future in my first opportunity to visit the Life Insurance Commonwealth Life to wonder. For those who are interested or curious about the Commonwealth Life Insurance products would not hurt if you come to a branch of Commonwealth Life Insurance in the city nearest you or visit the official page of life insurance Life Indonesia Commonwealth Commonwealth Center or contact number 500 525 during office hours.

Keeping Riau’s Palm Oil Industry Strong a Careful Balancing Act

“Back in the 1990s, the future of our village was bleak, but then palm oil came and changed it all,” Firdaus said.

“The economy picked up, people could afford to buy motorcycles and improve their homes.”

Firdaus is the chief of Dosan village in Riau’s Siak district, one of the countless communities in the heavily forested Sumatran province whose fortunes are tied to the controversial crop.

After PON, Riau Govt to Host Islamic Games

Despite growing criticism for its poor preparation in hosting the ongoing 2012 National Games, the Riau provincial government is aiming to host another sporting event, the Islamic Solidarity Games III, to be held next June.
The province is likely to build more sport venues for next year’s games, even as the National Games entered the second week in some venues that critics have called incomplete and unsafe.
“In our continued construction project, we need support from all parties. We have asked sponsors for that purpose. Should we fail, we would find alternatives [for funding],” Riau Governor Rusli Zainal told reporters in the provincial capital Pekanbaru on Saturday.
His remarks came shortly after he received a delegation of eight officials from the Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation (ISSF).
Rusli said major projects that would need to be undertaken include an aquatic center, as the available pools in the province don’t meet international standards.
The provincial government has asked for help from upstream oil and gas regulator BPMigas in helping to finance the renovation of existing pools or to build new ones. It had already received support from Chevron in the construction of a Rp 62 billion ($6.5 million) building for the Chinese martial art known as wushu, Rusli said.
“Support from sponsors really helped us,” he said.
The ISSF delegation praised Riau’s preparation and expressed confidence that the province would be fully prepared in time.
“It’s a great honor for us to come to Riau to see the preparation of the upcoming games,” ISSF secretary general Mohammad Saleh Gazdar said. “We are here to coordinate with the organizing committee, which is in Riau and Jakarta, to finalize most of the important issues. Since we came yesterday, we visited the venues where the games are going to be held.
“In fact, because the National Games are being held and the activities are going on and about 11,000 of athletes are here, all the venues are occupied. It was a great opportunity to look at the preparation. The observers saw that the venues are almost very good. There are minor things needed to be maintained and finished as soon as possible. By the time you’re going to hold the games, the venues are ready.”
ISSF’s event might draw 2,500 athletes from 57 member nations of the Organization of Islamic Conference.
Riau was criticized after the canopy of the indoor tennis stadium collapsed days before the National Games started. The thickness of the wall surrounding the shooting venue also didn’t meet safety standards.